Tic tac toe
Tic tac toe - English

Tic tac toe

It is a so-called 〇 × game. 〇 is Pitten and × is Batten.
The winner is the one who fills the nine "●" in turn with each character and arranges three vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

* It is a match against Batten.
1. Select the level of the "Batten".
2. Tap the "●" you like and fill it with "Pitten".
Then, "Batten" will fill in "●".
3. If three of them are lined up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, you will win.
4. Press "Reset" to return to the initial state.
5. The batten is not good.

1. Choose the first attack from Pitten Batten.
2. Tap your favorite "●" and fill it with your own character.
3. Fill the "●" in the substitute with "Pittten" and "Batten".
4. If any of the three vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines are lined up, you will win.
5. Press "Reset" to return to the initial state.
1P mode
2P mode
First strike: Pitten Batten
1P mode 2P mode
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