[ 2020.12.25 ] Pitten TV will start next week

Pitten TV(ピッテン ティービー)が始まります。

Pitten TV(ピッテン ティービー)が始まります。
Pitten TV は、大人も子どもも安心して楽しめる、絵本の様なムービー図鑑チャンネルで、YOUTUBEにて開設いたします。



まず最初に3つのムービーをリリースします。Pitten TV(ピッテンティービー)専用サイトにてご視聴いただけますので、ぜひご覧ください。



Pitten TV is a picture book-like movie picture book channel that both adults and children can enjoy with peace of mind, and will be opened on YOUTUBE.

Beyond the "peephole" created by the mysterious character "PITTEN", various things in our world are spreading.

"Let's take a peek, the hole in Pitten"

You can see it on the Pitten TV website or YOUTUBE. If you are using YOUTUBE, you can use it more conveniently by subscribing to the channel and turning on notifications, so please register.

In addition, the latest information will be announced on this site and Twitter, so please bookmark, follow us on Twitter, etc.