[ 2020.12.31 ] The second commemorative opening! 4 new movies

Pitten TV(ピッテンティービー) 開設記念第2弾!4つの新ムービーを公開しました。

Pitten TV(ピッテンティービー) 開設記念第2弾!4つの新ムービーを公開しました。

2.はなびのあな ー NEW!!「文化(ぶんか)シリーズ」



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Four new movies have been released as the second release to commemorate the opening and the final UPDATE in 2020.

1. Penguins
2. Hanabi no Anna-NEW! !! "Culture series"
3. Crocodile
4. Saru no Anna

At PittenTV, we will create a channel where you can enjoy learning about various things in the world based on the concept of "a fun movie picture book like a picture book."

This time, we have released a new "Bunka" series. In this series, we will convey the characteristic culture rooted in people's lives with images.

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