[ 2021.08.02 ] Pitten TOOL | We have released a web tool "Tally Counter"

Pitten TOOL 『数取機』(かずとりき)をリリースしました。

Pitten TOOL 『数取機』(かずとりき)をリリースしました。

Pitten TOOL 数取機


Pitten TOOL では、ツールを使うという行為がちょっとした楽しさにつながるような、日常に彩りを与えられるものをリリースしていきます。もちろん、すべてのツールは無料ですので、お気軽にご利用ください。


We have released a "tally counter" that counts various "things" as a WEB tool that can be used in any environment.

Pitten TOOL Tally Counter

It's simple to use, and when you click on the character "Pittten", the number will increase. It is a useful tool when you want to count birds, traffic, etc.

Pitten TOOL will release something that is not only useful in daily life, but also adds color to everyday life so that the act of using the tool leads to a little fun.

In addition, the latest information will be announced on this site and Twitter, so please bookmark, follow us on Twitter, etc.